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Plan 1

Greenbush Neighborhood Plan

Adopted in 2008 the Greenbush Neighborhood Plan seeks to respect and reflect the history of one of Madison's oldest neighborhoods while revitalizing housing and expanding home ownership.

Plan 2

Greenbush-Vilas Revitalization Strategy

The Greenbush Revitalization Strategy picks up in detail where the more general neighborhood plan leaves off. The strategy calls for specific, exciting new projects that build on the neighborhood's historic fabric.

Plan 3

City of Madison's Comprehensive Plan

The City of Madison's Comprehensive Plan website provides the complete Comprehensive Plan adopted in January of 2006 as well as information about the 2010-2011 review and amendment process and archived background information.

Plan 4

Regent Street & South Campus Neighborhood Plan

A healthy neighborhood doesn't include only quality owner-occupied and rental housing. It also has to include places for people to shop, dine and have fun. The Regent Street and South Campus Neighborhood Plan is a blue print for the future of the Regent commercial district.

Plan 5

Meriter Campus Plan

Meriter Hospital is a major institution and employer in the Greenbush neighborhood. View the hospital's long-term plans for its campus.

Plan 6

Vilas Neighborhood Plan

The Vilas-Brittingham Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 1989. While a useful document it needs updating after more than two decades. That process is just starting as neighbors and the city are now scoping the project. Check back here for more details on the process as it develops.

Plan 7

TID #43 Plan

In 2013 the City of Madison created Tax Incremental District #43 in the Greenbush Neighborhood. The district is intended to capture tax growth ("increment") in the area and reinvest it in the neighborhood. 

Plan 7

Biomedical Collaborative

The Biomedical Collaborative envisions Greenbush-Vilas as a "Biomedical Main Street" where proximity of clinics and medical research forms a powerful space for innovation.